Catfiz has announced that it has gained the confidence of Zurich Capital Funds, and the latter acquired the company and the platform, which contains 5 million subscribers. Catfiz platform is No. 1 a social networking platform and is the first in Indonesia and Asia, for $100 million, and its acquisition by Zurich Capital Funds in partnership with ML holding

It is one of the largest financial companies specialized in developing companies and platforms, as it announced its intention to merge and integrate and join it to another platform and provide subscribers with advanced services such full pledge social media, video call, conference, Blockchain Crypto Exchange NFTs, the Metaverse and the payment & ecommecre integration with Digital Banking. Accordingly, the company will be restructured and transformed from a private company into a joint stock company, which will be headed by businessman His Excellency Dr. Fahed Merhebi and other founders.


H.E Dr Fahed Merhebi

Chairman Founder


H.E David Lazar

Coo - Co Founder


H.E Dr Ali Al Shamali

Co Founder


H.E Esam Al Fahim

Board Members


Dr. Chancellor Nzenwa

Board Members


C.K. Low

Board Members

Partner Zurich Capital Funds


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